Adventure Boredom Buster Kit SKU: 132899

Boredom Buster Kit for 6-12 year olds. Includes science experiments, fill the rainbow outdoor activity kit, backyard explorer kit, cooking kit and a bird watching kit.


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Science Journal: Kid friendly science experiments that are sure to be a ton of fun! Plus, keep track of the weather by filling out the weather graph. Need some fun reading ideas? Go for blackout in the Science Reading Bingo game!

Bird Watching Guide: Learn how to draw a bird! Follow the step by step drawing instructions then put together your special Field Notes book. Head outside to observe the birds! Draw and learn about the birds in your neighborhood!

Mini Cooking Class: Recipes kids can make themselves! Delicious treats with printable recipe cards, fun party invitations and even some playful ways to have fun with your food. Includes kitchen safety tips and ways to share your food you’ve made!

Color The Rainbow: Get outside and explore nature! When you complete each nature activity, color in that part of the rainbow. Once you’ve filled in the complete rainbow you get a special certificate!

Backyard Explorer Kit: Make a fun explorer kit with things you can find around your house! Have fun creating the pieces of the kit, then set out into the yard or go on a hike to fill out your field journal! Draw or write to record your findings.